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PB Asher supply and service heavy-duty diesel engine starting equipment including Prestolite electric, hydraulic and spring systems commonly found on lifeboat and fire pump engines.


PB Asher are the longest serving, global authorised sales & service partner for the Handraulic starting systems. The system was orginally manufactured as Bryce Berger Handraulic Starter and then as Lucas Bryce Handraulic starter before being taken over by Prestolite Electric.


The Prestolite "handraulic" is a hydraulic starting system for diesel engines of 70-160mm bore size, usually irrespective of the number of cylinders. The system operates by way of the free end of the engine crankshaft as an emergency back up to the electric start system or as the prime means of starting in a hazardous environment. Only 2 models, B35 and B50 are required to cover the engine bore size range.

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  • Unrivalled experience in Fuel Injection servicing
  • Focus on customer service
  • OEM Associations ensuring genuine spares
  • Fast & efficent turnaround - Dedicated account managers.

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Fully Authorised sales agents for Prestolite

Worldwide logistics

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